(series of paintings)

This series is constructed around a comic, Cools found on a flea market, called Rawhide Kid. The paintings are a focus on the storyline of the comic. Also a research within the comic towards certain visual asthetics that come from abstract painting, pop art and landscape painting mostly.  Furthermore Cools is still working on the comic how to even further deploy the yet undiscovered aspects what makes a comic book. The works are abstract as well as figuratively recognizeable to the viewer. Next to paintings there are also piece unique t-shirts that revolve more about the value of image/work. In these t-shirts Cools also did a performance at: “Please come to the show.”.













A walk I made during my time studying in Antwerp that marks the territory I was actively living in. This work is an ode to the streetartist “MOMO”.

Follow the route and enjoy the city!


walk of name

•Findings on my laptop (publication)•


Once in a while every single person should clense his computer by removing excesive files. I had a ton of files that seemed useless to me so I made an attempt to make ideas out of them. By merely arranging them by default into seemingly appealing sketches for further use I made up a booklet out of these images of so called no use.



•The bundle of joy series•