Window exposition! Only able to visit on appointment. Send me an e-mail beforehand and we will arrange a meeting. (

A digital catalogue will attempt to provide a digital visit to the exhibition space. The catalogue will be divided in three walls and a table. (When on your phone go to the menu button to find the walls and table.)


ZA, 14/11 -> 14u00 – 20u00
ZO, 15/11 -> 14u00 – 19u00

WO, 18/11 -> 14u00 – 18u00
DO, 19/11 -> 14u00 – 18u00
VR, 20/11 -> 19u00 – 21u00
ZA, 21/11 -> 14u00 – 20u00
ZO, 22/11 -> 14u00 – 19u00

WO, 25/11 -> 14u00 – 18u00
DO, 26/11 -> 14u00 – 18u00
VR, 27/11 -> 19u00 – 21u00
ZA, 28/11 -> 14u00 – 18u00
ZO, 29/11 -> 14u00 – 20u00

If you are interested in one or more works you can e-mail me with the title of the work you are interested in. (

Please enjoy!

Frontal view of the small exhibition space!


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