“Building on scarce figments of phantasms and other bingo’s hidden behind my eyeballs.”

Scan 4
“A bag of darwin powder.”
Scan 3
“Honey drippers.”
Scan 11
“Nation in distress.”
Scan 12
“Playing a double dare.”
Scan 13
“So so tired.”
Scan 14
“Pupil on its way to expanding.”
Scan 15
“Viking rood kous.”
Scan 16
“Smaad plakker.”
Scan 17
“Faces hidden behind first glances.”
Scan 23
Scan 22
“Handle balls with care.”
Scan 21
“You know I love you.”
Scan 20
“M**her fucker.”
Scan 19
“Arie Forêt.”
Scan 18
“The sharpest knife in the drawer.”
Scan 24
“Prikkelzwaard ellebooggeritsel.”
Scan 25
“Beauty of folding things.”
Scan 29
“Hazaa goes hand in hand.”
Scan 44
“I distance myself from what my hands do.”
Scan 45
“Fold your coconut.?”
Scan 41
“I love my mom.”
Scan 40
“Shoveling towards freedom forever and ever.”
Scan 46
“Strap me up and shoot me up in space and I’ll tell you whats going on there.”